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Infiniband Exadata

Infiniband provides a high bandwidth and low latency platform for networking large computer systems.  Infiniband gives you bus speeds over a switched network and was specifically designed for large application clusters using interprocess communications and as the network fabric for storage area networks (SAN).

Sun Microsystems was a founding member of the IBTA (Infiniband Trade Association) here.  Oracle later acquired SUN and began integrating Infiniband to provide a thick, fast, and low latency backplane to its then-emerging Engineered Systems, which now include Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Private Cloud Appliance and more.

When patching Exadata, we must also ensure the proper firmware is applied onto the Infiniband Exadata switches.

How to Check your Exadata Version » Oracle Exadata Patching

How to Check your Exadata Version » Oracle Exadata Patching

Although patching an Oracle Database is a common task for most DBAs, Exadata Patching can be a more intricate process, as it incorporates the complexity of patching a number of components in the Exadata Systems. Oracle Offers free, Exadata patching to their Exadata...

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