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Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c is the newest version of Oracle’s relational database.  Released in 2013 with the tagline of “the first database designed for the cloud”, Oracle 12c introduces hundreds of new features including pluggable databases and multitenant architecture.  The 12c database optionally includes the Oracle Database 12c In-Memory which enables machine learning, realtime analysis, and competes directly with SAP HANA for the SAP ERP system.

One major concept of Oracle 12c is to make customers’ transition from on premise to the cloud easier.  The pluggable database and multitenancy are designed to simplify customers consolidation journey into the cloud without requiring changes to applications.  Consolidation is one of the first enablers for a customers transition into the cloud.  The multitenancy features enable rapid provisioning, high portability, and position Oracle 12c (also described here) as best in class for database as a service and self service provisioning.

How to Check your Exadata Version » Oracle Exadata Patching

How to Check your Exadata Version » Oracle Exadata Patching

Although patching an Oracle Database is a common task for most DBAs, Exadata Patching can be a more intricate process, as it incorporates the complexity of patching a number of components in the Exadata Systems. Oracle Offers free, Exadata patching to their Exadata...

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