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Viscosity DBA Webinar Series:

Autonomous Data Warehouse Essentials –

From Create to Load and Query

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 1pm CST









Emerging information technology trends in the Cloud have the power to transform organizations. In the data management and analytics space, a key Cloud service offering has arrived that touches on this theme; Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADW). ADW services simplify the provisioning, maintenance, and optimizations for data warehouse workloads in the Cloud, and promote “low touch for database administrators ” and “load and pull” approaches to data analytics.

In this session, we will share our findings on ADW provisioning, data loading and review a series of performance benchmarks, and describe the process flow of ” start the service, define tables, load data, and then run queries. To download the white paper comparing Amazon’s Redshift and Oracle’s ADW, feel free to do so here. 

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Meet the Speaker:

Nitin Vengurlekar

Nitin Vengurlekar

Chief Technology Officer, Viscosity

Nitin Vengurlekar is the co-founder and CTO of Viscosity North America. At Viscosity, Nitin is responsible for Service delivery, Partner relationship and end-2-end solution architecture. Nitin’s main emphasis has been on virtualization, Oracle Engineered Systems, Hyper-Converged Systems, and Public/Private Database Cloud implementations.

Nitin is a well-known Oracle technologist and speaker in the areas of Oracle Storage, high availability, Oracle RAC, and private database cloud. He is the author of Database Cloud Storage, Oracle Automatic Storage Management, and the Data Guard Handbook. He has also written many papers on storage, database internals, database tuning, and served as a contributor to Oracle documentation as well as Oracle education material.

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