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For ages, Oracle customers have resorted to three solutions for reporting:  Adhoc SQL, Oracle Reports, and Discoverer.  These tools, or lack of tools, have been part and parcel to owning the Oracle Database.

OBI Reporting

A few customers with expensive means have opted for the Oracle Business Intelligence suite, which can include OBIEE+, BICS, and Oracle BI Publisher.  These tools are powerful, but expensive to set up, and even more expensive to develop and operate.

Oracle Discoverer

Take one example, Discoverer, it has become obsolete due to its dated interface and ending support with Oracle.  All this adds up to more costly support and maintenance.

Apex for Reporting

Fortunately, for these reporting customers, there is a free reports alternative, and it’s already embedded into their Oracle database.  The solution is Oracle Application Express, the original low code development platform for business user reporting.


Interactive Reporting Demo

The Interactive Report is a powerful feature of Apex and allows end users to create and customize their own reports through an interactive, search-based reporting paradigm.  Once a search is executed and filtered, the end user can easily modify it to show a graph, control break, summary, or any other data selection, projection, or aggregation.


Apex Charting Demo

In the latest release, Apex includes Oracle JET charts which are second to none.  Now you get to use the same charts in Oracle’s advanced Data Visualization products absolutely free with Apex.

Many different report types with different styles can be created using simple to use wizards and previewed in a web browser before they are released to the user. Reports can also be bespoke to each user’s login based on the data sets they have access to, which again makes the administration and on-going support far simpler.

APEX provides rich end user content for reporting, fast query response times and a platform to develop dashboards and generate automatic outputs.  It’s robust, easy to use and is easy to administer…all from a tool that is free to use!

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