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Viscosity Developer Webinar Series: New APEX 18.1 REST Enabled SQL Support


Tuesday, July 17th 10:00am – 11:00am CST

A backing service is any service an app consumes over the network as part of its normal operation. Examples include datastores, messaging/queuing systems, and SMTP services for outbound email.

A microservices architecture is one that structures the application as a set of loosely coupled, collaborating services. Each service implements a set of narrowly related functions. For example, an application might consist of services such as the order management service and the customer management service.

I believe the introduction of components that support native declarative-like consumption of data and interaction with functionality over HTTP protocols in the APEX framework in version 18.1 benefits the adoption of distributed systems implementing the microservices approach.
In this session, we will review what is available in the new release of APEX in regards to microservices along with REST Enabled SQL Support.

We will showcase the feasibility of having a completely distributed APEX utilizing microservices.To showcase this case study, the audience will be guided through the process of building an APEX application that relies completely on external resources to provide functionality in a declarative way and deploying said application to a distributed infrastructure, having more than one instance of the UI service (the APEX application).

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Meet our Speaker:
Emanuel Cifuentes

Emanuel Cifuentes

Consulting Architect, Viscosity

I started professional software development at age 16, right out of High School. I got to work on all kinds of software for banking, that gave me a good understanding of privacy and security. I then moved on to a startup environment to develop web and mobile applications. The startup had a lot to do with geolocation, tracking, and was really focused on usability. A few years ago I started consulting for Viscosity North America in subjects related to Oracle, specifically the Oracle Database and Oracle APEX. I’ve been involved in many projects in the Food, Oil and Gas and Healthcare industries.

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