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FOEX » Low Code Sencha Ext JS with Oracle Apex

FOEX is a software framework that marries the best features of Sencha ExtJS with Oracle Application Express.  Doing so, FOEX allows Sencha developers to leverage the rapid application development features of the most mature low-code and no-code commercial development platform on the market today, Oracle Apex.

Sencha Developer

If you’re a Sencha ExtJS developer, FOEX can help you develop faster.  By building the bulk of your pages in minutes, FOEX frees up your time to work on more advanced custom UI.

Application Express Developer

If you’re an Oracle Apex developer, FOEX can help you build richer, single page applications for your Enterprise.  The single page, rich client components from Sencha are perfect for data intensive desktop applications replacing legacy Powerbuilder and Oracle Forms.

Non-Developer Business User

If you’re a business user and not a developer, FOEX and Apex can help.  By allowing you to build your own reports and applications without writing code, you solve your own problems faster without depending upon IT to do it for you.

Sencha Ext JS

Sencha provides a javascript framework and component library for building rich client, cross-platform web applications.  It is especially suited for building data-intensive applications used within the Enterprise.

Ext JS features 115 UI components including calendar, grids, charts and more.  The framework components, including Grid and Charting, can handle 1M rows or more without loss in performance.

Sencha ExtJS Components

The rich set of Ext JS tools and themes help improve development productivity and accelerate the delivery of great looking web applications. Tools are available to help with application design, development, theming, and debugging as well as build optimization and deployment.

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