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Viscosity Developer Webinar Series: Tame Your IT Backlog with Low Code


Tuesday, March 27th 10:00am – 11:00am CST

Data is the new capital.  Data is now the new currency.  We will discuss cloud focused Oracle 12.2 New Features, Oracle 18c, the new Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and the next generation of expertise required for database administrators.

This presentation highlights the key topics that DBAs need to know in today’s cloud market.  We will discuss Oracle Cloud Service offering in addition to pertinent topics that DBAs need to know about the Cloud to survive the next generation of data transformation. DBAs need to know about storage offerings in Oracle Cloud and how to effectively leverage them, as well as how to perform backups to Oracle Cloud. DBAs will need to have a strong knowledge of how to provision databases in Oracle Cloud and even setup Data Guard from one data center to another data center in Oracle Cloud. DBAs will need to know how to integrate AWS to Oracle Cloud and establish multi-cloud.

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Meet our Speaker:
Jerry Ward

Jerry Ward

Co-Founder, Viscosity

Jerry Ward is a co-founder of Viscosity North America. Jerry has served as a consulting Architect for the VHA, Kellogg Brown and Root, Invesco, Fidelity National Financial, Dresser Rand, Ericsson, Nortel Networks, and the Human Genome Sequencing Center (BCM). Jerry has worked with Oracle technology since 1991, including Oracle database version 6+ and Oracle Applications version 9+.

He has been featured in the Houston Chronicle, Venice Magazine, 002 Houston, KXAN Austin, Tyler Morning News, Gulfscapes Magazine, and other business publications.

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