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Kickstart to the Cloud

Begin Your Journey and Optimize Along the Way
Lunch and Learn by Oracle and Viscosity

Squatters, Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Charles Kim, Oracle ACE Director, Viscosity North America and Roman Delino, Oracle Corporation

Oracle continues to be the fastest, state-of-the-art, revolutionary database in the world.  Companies can recognize immediate ROI by upgrading to Oracle Database 19c.

Presentation Schedule:

11:00 AM Registration Open, Appetizers Served

11:30 AM Presentation and Lunch. Hear how you can leverage Oracle Database 18c/19c features to achieve:

  • consolidation density
  • license optimization
  • reduction in operational expenditure
  • kick-start to hybrid cloud

12:30 PM 15 Minute Break

12:45 PM Case Studies, Q&A.

1:30 PM Dessert and Networking

Oracle continues to be the fastest, state-of-the-art,

revolutionary database in the world.

Companies can recognize immediate ROI by upgrading to Oracle Database 19c.

Come learn what it takes to upgrade to Oracle Database 19c and be able to rapidly:

•Achieve another level of data scalability and horizontal partitioning with Sharding

•Attain higher levels of SLA with new features in Data Guard

•Eliminate downtime with enhanced online features for table and index maintenance

•Tackle Partitioning and Index advancements in 19c

•Secure your entire database with online encryption capabilities

•Implement the new features in ASM

•Integrate the new features in Oracle RAC

•Utilize Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) features like Automatic Data Optimization (ADO) and Heat Maps work within individual PDBs for effective management of storage resources based on actual data usage patterns

•Leverage all the latest features such as cloning and replication features for PDBs (Pluggable Databases) that enable the journey to a private, hybrid, or public cloud environment.

•Tightly control SGA, PGA, and I/O resources for individual PDBs, including how to construct standard PDB resource profiles that can be leveraged by multiple PDBs with similar resource demands

•Scale performance exponentially with In-Memory (IM) Column store; in Oracle 19c there are additional In-Memory enhancements (including IM Virtual Columns)

•Leverage Approximate Query Functions for performance


Charles Kim, CEO and Co-Founder of Viscosity North America


Charles Kim is one of two people in the world to hold both titles of Oracle ACE Director and VMware vExpert, both awarded by their respective companies of Oracle Corporation and VMware.  Charles is an Oracle Certified DBA, a Certified RAC Expert and a Certified Exadata Implementation Specialist. Charles specializes in Engineered Systems, RAC, and Virtualization (VMware and Oracle VM) and authored over 15 books:

Oracle Database 11g New Features for DBA Developers
Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs
Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook
Virtualize Business Critical Oracle Databases
Oracle Exadata Exadata’s Handbook
Hadoop As A Service
Oracle ASM 12c Pocket Reference Guide

Charles holds certifications in Oracle, VMware, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft and has over 25 years of Oracle experience. Charles sat on the panel of Oracle experts at VMware World, and Oracle OpenWorld for virtualization and Linux. Charles was one of the founding members of the virtualization SIG that launched in 2011 at Oracle OpenWorld. 

Twitter @racdba

Event at a Glance


Kickstart to the Cloud


November 19, 2019

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


147 Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Kickstart to Cloud Preparation

While many companies are in the process of, or are considering, a migration to the cloud, there is still a concern with the complexity and security of the move.  We’ll identify common concerns and discuss how organizations are tackling them.

Optimization with ODA

Your bridge to the cloud: Get predictable, proven results, with minimal effort.  All hardware and software up and down the stack are fully integrated and optimized for peak performance.  Only optimized infrastructure delivers optimized results!

Reduce that OpEx!

Low entry price point + flexible licensing solution to maximize the return on your IT resources with Oracle Database Appliance.

It’s flexible, so you can quickly scale up storage or memory when you’re ready.

Space is limited so RSVP now:

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Something to chew on at lunch

For Oracle customers who are on Oracle version 12.1, they should have upgraded to Oracle 12.2 by July 2019.

For Oracle Database 11g Release 2 customers, you should already be on Oracle version 12.2 or even 18c. As you upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Release 2, learn how you can modernize your infrastructure on the latest Oracle Engineered systems with zero downtime and zero risk.

Oracle Database 19c, now available for on-premise customers, has been generally available for Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems customers since January 2019. Soon, you will be able to unlock the full potential of the new database features and transform your IT operations.


It’s our mission to help users understand Oracle products and educate the IT community on proven cost effective solutions that meet industry best standards.

Viscosity North America is an Oracle Platinum Partner that speaks regularly at UTOUG Training Days.  These speakers typically include Rich Niemiec, Charles Kim, Nitin Vengurlekar, Sean Scott, and Scott Spendolini.  Be sure to catch us at Training Days 2020!

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