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Oracle Forms deploys as a Java Applet and behaves like a client server application, which has become a dated way to do things.  Google Chrome has announced it will no longer support Java applets via APAPI and other browsers may follow suit.

Oracle themselves have already ended the premier support and has scheduled the obsoleteness dates for Forms and Reports.

Oracle Forms and Reports De-support Dates

Oracle has scheduled the de-support dates of Forms and Reports

Oracle Forms & Reports

If you have a significant investment in Oracle Forms and Reports, there are several options available to you to modernize the web stack.  Some of these options, place a facade on Oracle Forms, requiring customers to pay ongoing support and maintenance fees for Oracle Forms and Reports as well as the Weblogic licensing to support these technologies.

One of the best options available to customers, is to quickly convert these legacy Oracle Forms to Oracle Apex.

Oracle Forms vs. Oracle Apex

Developing in Apex is very similar to Forms. Whereas Forms renders applications using metadata stored in an .fmx file, Application Express renders applications using metadata stored in the database.

Oracle Forms App

This animation shows the behavior, look and feel of an Oracle Forms 12 application before we convert it to Oracle Apex.

Oracle Apex App

This animation shows the behavior, look and feel of the Oracle Apex application after we converted it from Oracle Forms.

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Convert, Migrate & Replace with Apex

Oracle Apex is a no-cost option of the Oracle Database and provides a free platform for developing web applications and deploying both inside and outside of your enterprise.  Application Express developers can utilize their hard earned skills with Relational Design, SQL, and PL/SQL to create advanced applications with low code while also allowing business users to build simple applications with no code at all.

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