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An Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) is a declaration of all of the Oracle products you have installed within your company.  Oracle will sometimes ask you to complete an OSW as part of an licensing audit, ULA Certification, support renewal, or other LMS process.   Be sure to check out our guide to the Oracle licensing audit process here.

The OSW usually contains the name of the physical server where the product is installed.  If virtualized, these names are included along with the underlying virtualization technology:  VMWare, LPAR, Xen, LDOM, Oracle VM, or other.  The database instance name and pluggable database name (PDB) for multi-tenant installations.  The product type, version, edition, and connect string are included.  The Environment column includes its purpose:  test, development, production.  The license metric indicates whether core based, named user plus (NUP), or socket based.

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