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Best 18c New Features: A Painless Transition

Part 2 of 3 

March 2020

Presented by Oracle ACE Director Rich Niemiec 


Best 18c New Features: A Painless Transition

This webinar will focus on some of the best 18c new features that should be investigated for use for tuning, applications, and administration. Some of you may only be on 12c (or just moving there). Some of you may be on 12cR2 or 18c already, but haven’t had the time to investigate or implement some of the great features. This session is for you!


The features we’ll cover for 18c are not only central for effective database administration tasks; they’re also the key to helping application developers write better code to leverage built-in efficiencies that 18c provides. In this session, we’ll offer simple examples, such as a how to leverage the new PDB Snapshot Carousel, to show the basic functionality of the new features.

We’ll also look ahead at some of the more compelling features of 19c so you’ll be ready to implement them when it’s time to upgrade to that release. Finally, we’ll review lessons we’ve learned when upgrading databases to 18c while simultaneously mitigating the risk of degraded database and application performance after the upgrade is completed.

Jim Czuprynski, Oracle ACE Director at Viscosity North America

Approximately 45 minutes, including a Q&A session.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires virtually no database administration. Join our webinar and hear about some of the most asked-about topics:

  • See how the new Autonomous Always Free subscription offers more than enough power and storage for experimenting
  • New to AI and ML? Leverage Oracle Analytic Cloud (OAC) for even more powerful data analysis and visualization tools
  • Learn how simple it is to deploy an ADW instance with just a few mouse clicks – no DBA required!
  • Discover how Oracle’s Converged Database strategy allows you to access just about any kind of data, anywhere, at any time – securely
  • Migrate to ADW with zero downtime via Oracle GoldenGate and leverage free subscriptions until May 2020

You can’t afford to miss this one!

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Some of the key features we’ll cover for 18c will include:

Working with the SGA, SQL*Plus History, and changes to Object Name Sizing
Multiple indexes on the same Colum
PDB Snapshot Carousel
Real Time PDB Switchove
New Split/Merge Partition Online enhancement
In-Memory External Tables for Big Data
Security Enhancements
19c New Features to look forward to and the future ahead

Meet the speaker:

Rich Niemiec

Rich Niemiec

Oracle ACE Director

Rich Niemiec is the current Chief Innovation Officer of Viscosity North America. Rich is an Oracle Ace Director, a world renowned IT Expert, and was a co-founder and the CEO of TUSC, a Chicago-based systems integrator of Oracle-based business solutions started in 1988. Rich has served as President of Rolta TUSC and Rolta EICT.

Rich is the past President of the International Oracle Users Group (IOUG) and the current President of the Midwest Oracle Users Group (MOUG). Rich has architected and tuned many Fortune 500 systems over the past 25 years.

His experience in data processing ranges from teaching to consulting, with emphasis in database administration, performance tuning, project management and technical education. Rich is one of six originally honored worldwide Oracle Certified Masters and advised Oracle development from time to time. In 2017, he authored the Oracle “Oracle12c Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques,” an update of his previous 4 Oracle best sellers on Oracle8i, 9i, 10g, and 11i Performance Tuning. Rich was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 1998.

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