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PowerBuilder is a legacy rapid application development tool, created by Sybase and later adapted by both SAP and Appeon.  During the 1990’s, PowerBuilder (PB) Developers were in extremely high demand as it was one of the most popular 4GL development tools of that era.

PowerBuilder Developer

Technology changes and the growing popularity of web application software tools gradually pushed PB out of popularity.  There are thousands of companies running tens of thousands of web applications on PowerBuilder.  Many of these companies have an Oracle database backend.

PowerBuilder Web Application

While there are several technologies that can be used to modernize and/or replace these legacy PowerBuilder applications, they usually maintain the same user experience, or lack of user experience, of applications from the 1990’s.  When you take a terminal or client server application and simply web-enable it, you are left with a mountain of technical debt.  Modern User Interface and User Experience design are required or demanded by today’s workforce and these web-enabled applications often don’t cut the mustard.

PowerBuilder Replace-ment, Update, and Migration

Fortunately we have developed solution to address the problem of modernizing legacy powerBuilder applications.  Our solution preserves the rapid application development and easy learning curve of PB while adding in a modern web stack with contemporary UI/UX design principals.

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