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Unlock the Power of the ZFS Storage Appliance

For Media & Entertainment Companies

Thursday, April 4th, 1:00pm CST/ 2:00pm EST

Today, IT challenges are at an all-time high for Media & Entertainment companies. With the constant increase in the size of data files, pressure to adopt cloud technology, increase in complexity of legacy content, positioning your IT environment for future success has never been so important. The ZFS Storage Appliance is the unified storage array engineered to deliver performance, storage savings and protection for any database ecosystem.

 Learn why the ZFS Storage Appliance is the leader of the industry when it comes to running mission critical workloads and applications.


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In this session we will share how we leveraged the ZFS for our customers to provide:
Snapshot clones for database as a service and simplified DEV and QA database refreshes
Data guard replication for disaster recovery and instant provision of databases
Protection for both the Exadata and non-Exadata environments
Up to 10X to 50x compression of Oracle Databases
Additional storage and capacity for the ODA
To be able to backup 40TB+ per hour for Oracle Database Backups
Storage based replication between ZFS Storage Appliances to achieve a higher level of disaster recovery
With ZFS leading the industry:
Leverage  ZFS as VMware NFS datastores
Learn about the various protocols that the ZFS supports
Learn how the ZFS can be utilized as an enterprise NAS solution
Learn how to Perform Snapshot / Clones
Learn the latest and greatest features of the ZFS
Review compression and deduplication capabilities
For Oracle workloads:
Learn how to Perform RMAN Backups to ZFS file systems
Learn how OISP works with databases and performing RMAN backups
Learn how to setup OEM Setup for single pane of glass management
Understand the value of direct NFS (dNFS)
Learn how to Setup dNFS on the Linux client
Learn the value of HCC Compression for Database
How to reload tables for HCC
Meet the Speaker:

Charles Kim

Charles Kim

President, Viscosity

Charles Kim is an Oracle ACE Director, a VMware vExpert, an Oracle Certified DBA, a Certified Exadata Implementation Specialist, and a Certified RAC Expert. Charles specializes in RAC, Exadata, Cloud, complex data replication, and virtualization and is the co-author of nine books on Oracle Database. Charles holds certifications in Oracle, VMware, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft, and has over 26 years of Oracle experience on mission- and business- critical databases. Charles presents regularly at local, regional, national, and international Oracle conferences, including COLLABORATE, VMware World, and Oracle OpenWorld, on topics of RAC, ASM, Cloud, Linux best practices, Data Guard best practices, VMware best practices, Oracle on VMware virtualization, and 7×24 high-availability considerations. Charles is the founder and president of Viscosity North America, a niche Oracle consulting company specializing in Exadata, RAC, virtualization, and Oracle Cloud. Charles is also the president of the Cloud SIG for the Independent Oracle User Group.

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