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What is Oracle Apex? The Original Low Code Dev Platform

Oracle Apex is a no-pay feature of Oracle’s flagship product, Oracle 12c and provides developers with a platform for developing web applications and deploying them inside and outside of your enterprise.  Application Express developers can utilize their hard earned skills with Relational Design, SQL, and PL/SQL to create advanced applications with low code while also allowing business users to build simple applications with no code at all.

Low Code Platforms

What makes a low-code development platform?

Visual Development

A low code dev platform allows you to lay out web applications, build page flows, design the user interface and data access queries in in a visual manner, with a click and drag web based development environment.

Data Integration

The dev platform automatically converts data in your tables or external apis into data items and data grids on the page.  The complexity of creating web services and wiring up the data and security are handled for you.

DevOps Lifecycle Management

Low-code platforms make quick work of maintenance and changes with one-click deployment, built in bug tracking, built in project management, and full stack application logging and dashboards.

About Oracle Apex

Here are some of the benefits of Oracle Application Express:

Fully Supported, No Cost Option of the Oracle Database

Apex is a complete development environment running on the Oracle database for zero cost.

Low Code Platform & Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool

Apex allows users to develop applications extremely fast with little or no coding required.

Secure and Fully Integrated with the Oracle Database

Unlike other development platforms which generate SQL, Oracle Apex takes full advantage of the latest Oracle database features, such as Real Application Clusters, Flashback Query, SQL Extensions, and all Analytic Functions. Apex is secure with rich built in authorization, authentication and logging features.

Lightweight, Scaleable, and Performant

Apex deploys with a minimal application server footprint, unlike Java and .NET applications which can require dozens of middle tier servers to run business logic at scale. Apex takes advantage of additional cores or RAC servers, but rarely needs to add compute.

Application Express

The unique web IDE (integrated development environment) which makes the adoption of Oracle Application Express easy for any company, developer, analyst, or business user.  This makes sense from a financial perspective as well, while much Oracle developer licensing carries license and support fees, Apex is free and likely already installed in your database.

Apex Development

The platform provides a development environment for professional developers but also accommodates data users who need to rapidly build and represent data by using intuitive wizards. With minimal coding, a data user can build and distribute data forms, reports and charts and a more experienced developer can, without limitations, deliver enterprise class solutions using a very productive page designer interface.

Companies looking to speed development time by 5x or more and to reduce support costs by a similar factor should benefit from the rapid application development features of Application Express.  In addition to the cost savings the simplified and uncomplicated architecture will create a gravity in your organization whereby other developers and business users will look to leverage the same benefits.

The Apex App

The app handles the complexities of scaffolding and session management for the developers which frees up their time to focus purely on the application function and user experience.  This reduces cost (both maintenance cost and build cost) while increasing user satisfaction.  Application Express increases value throughout the process.

App Express allows your current development staff to leverage their SQL and PL/SQL skills with little or no learning curve. Your Oracle Forms and Reports developers will be especially happy with the conversion, able to leverage their years of experience and quickly translate these concepts into productive development with the tool.

Apex Reporting

Application Express is very powerful as an operational reporting solution.  In most cases, business users can create, modify, and customize their own reports.  Your business users will benefit being able to build applications and reports with little or no code as true citizen developers.

Oracle Apex Consulting

Should you be looking for an Oracle Apex Consulting Firm or just considering an internal project, we would love to talk an help guide you on your journey.

Oracle Application Express helps you leverage the ROI on your existing investment.  Its tight integration with the Oracle Database 12c features enables using advanced analytical queries, database level security, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) without any coding.  By comparison, these are all difficult tasks in a heavyweight framework such as Java or Spring and .NET applications.

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