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Oracle Forms vs Oracle Apex

Forms and Apex are similar in many ways, one key difference is that Apex has a future whereas Forms and Reports do not.

  • Oracle Forms renders applications using metadata stored in an .fmx file. Application Express renders applications using metadata stored in an Oracle database.
  • Oracle Forms is accessed using a web browser and its user interface is rendered using an applet. Application Express renders its user interface with HTML and JavaScript.
  • Oracle Forms uses pixel exact positioning where Apex uses CSS positioning that is relative.
  • Oracle Forms provides robust field-level validation and event processing. Application Express supports declarative page-level validation and event processing. Programmatic field-level validation and event processing requires Javascript and AJAX.
  • Both Forms and Apex can call web services.
  • Forms uses the BI Java Beans charting library, whereas, Oracle Apex uses Oracle JET charts as well as many others.
  • Oracle Forms locks rows upon read (pessimistic locking), where Oracle Apex locks them just before update (Optimistic Locking).
  • Oracle Forms uses a persistent database connection, one per Form.  Apex uses a session pool and has its own session state management.
  • Oracle Forms can execute business logic on the rich client, application server, or in the database.  Oracle Apex executes controller logic on the database in PLSQL or in the browser with custom Javascript.


Apex Reporting Tools for Oracle Database > Application Express

Apex Reporting Tools for Oracle Database > Application Express

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